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Placement Recruitment Process

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Placement recruitment procedure

Ramanujan College at Delhi University facilitates campus placements through a structured procedure. Job notifications are shared, and interested students apply, after which companies shortlist candidates for interviews. The interviews can include technical rounds, group discussions, and HR interviews. Successful candidates receive offer letters, and the placement cell offers support throughout the process. The placement and career development cell meticulously orchestrates its placement and recruitment procedures to provide students with promising career opportunities. The process commences with students' registration at the placement cell, where they submit comprehensive resumes and essential documents. To prepare students for the corporate world, the college offers an array of workshops, seminars, and training sessions, focusing on interview etiquette, resume refinement, and the development of essential soft skills.

The selection procedure is carried out as under:

1. Pre-placement talk (PPT)

Pre placement talks serve as a platform for companies to engage with prospective candidates and offer insights into their organization, job opportunities, and corporate culture. These talks are typically scheduled in advance by the college's placement cell and are announced to students through various communication channels.

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2. Screening

The screening process in recruitment involves an initial evaluation of job applications and resumes to identify candidates who meet the qualifications and requirements for a specific position.

3. Aptitude test

Aptitude tests are often utilized as a part of the admission process, especially for programs that require specialized skills or competencies. These tests assess a student's readiness and potential to succeed in a particular academic program.

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4. Group Discussions

A topic or case study is presented to a group of participants, who are then required to engage in a structured conversation or debate about the topic. GDs are designed to assess various skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and the ability to listen and respond effectively to the viewpoints of others.

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5. Technical interview and HR interview

A company may conduct either of them or both of these interviews. The technical interview assesses a candidate's specific job-related knowledge, skills, and problem-solving abilities, often involving technical questions and practical scenarios to gauge their competence in the role. On the other hand, the HR interview focuses on evaluating the candidate's soft skills, personality traits, communication skills, and cultural fit within the organization.

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6. Post-placement talk (PPT)

A Post-Placement Talk is an event that often occurs after students have secured job offers through the campus recruitment process. This talk serves as an informative session aimed at helping newly placed students transition smoothly into their professional roles.