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NAAC Grade A++ with CGPA 3.71

रामानुजन महाविद्यालय

दिल्ली विश्वविद्यालय

सीजीपीए 3.71 . के साथ एनएएसी ग्रेड ए++

Vision and Mission

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Ramanujan College is inspired by the life and work of Srinivasa Aiyangar Ramanujan, one of the world’s greatest mathematicians. The College adheres to the core values of dedication, hard work and commitment as encapsulated in the motto of the University of Delhi – Nistha, Dhriti and Satyam. The vision of the College is imbued with the thoughts of great educationists like Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore and C.V. Raman.

The College envisions transforming society for the betterment of humankind; a society, where inclusive and collaborative research and learning is a constant process and which benefits humanity on a local, national and global level. The College believes in preserving democratic structure and cultural heritage along with practising new and innovative ways of synthesising the need for socio-cultural uplift and the creation of an egalitarian society with the pursuit of academic excellence and freedom.


The mission of Ramanujan College is:

  1. To empower the students and teachers with the resources of knowledge creation and make them self-reliant.
  2. To facilitate an innovative learning process, where learning is contextualised in the changes, needs and challenges of the real world.
  3. To equip the students with a mature mind and heart, capable of critical thinking, innovation and experimentation that enable them to become leaders.
  4. To ignite the minds of the students to discover their individuality, improvise and acknowledge diversity.
  5. To help the students build meaningful careers by strengthening their employability skills.
  6. To pledge a commitment to build a bond with nature, fellow beings and their own deeper selves.
  7. To ensure the advancement of learning by interdisciplinary approach, capacity-building programmes and world-class research facilities.
  8. To groom the teachers to be leading academicians and excellent researchers.