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Internship Report

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Internships are essential for college freshmen as they provide practical exposure, skill development, and industry connections, helping them apply classroom knowledge to the real world. Here are some of the data of the internships provided by placement cell:

Internship Rates

Many college students pursue internships to gain practical experience. Internship rates can vary by field of study, with some programs requiring internships as part of the curriculum. 70-75% of our students actively apply for various internships.

Paid vs. Unpaid

Some industries, like tech and finance, tend to offer higher-paid internships, while others, like non-profits, may rely more on unpaid or low-paid internships. We get a mix of both these internships which attract a lot of students.

Internship Statistics

Internship Statistics

Internship Duration

Internships range from a few weeks to several months or even a full academic year, depending on the program and industry.

Conversion to Full-Time Employment

Some internships lead to full-time job offers after graduation. And we receive 40% internship opportunities with pre- placement offer.

Remote vs. In-Person Internships

Companies come for both remote and in person internships providing the flexibility to the students.

Internship Analysis

Internship Analysis