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सीजीपीए 3.71 . के साथ एनएएसी ग्रेड ए++

Placement Report

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Placements in the context of education typically refer to the process of students securing job opportunities with organizations or companies. There are several types of placements, each with its own characteristics. Here are some common types of placements that placement cell offers:

Pre-Placement Offer (PPO)

A PPO is an offer made by an organization to a student who has completed an internship or training period with them.

It is usually extended to students who have performed well during their internship.

PPOs are a way for companies to retain top talent and provide students with a sense of job security even before they graduate.

Placement with Training Period (Internship)

Many educational programs include a mandatory or optional internship or training period as part of the curriculum.

During an internship, students work with a company for a specified duration to gain practical experience and apply their classroom knowledge.

Internships can be paid or unpaid and may lead to PPOs or job offers upon successful completion.

Placement Statistics

Placement Statistics

Campus Placements (On-Campus Placements)

Campus placements are recruitment drives organized by educational institutions, where companies visit the campus to hire students directly.

These placements often occur during the final year of a student's program.

Companies conduct interviews and select candidates based on their academic performance, skills, and interview performance.

Off-Campus Placements

Off-campus placements occur outside the educational institution's premises.

Students have to apply to companies independently or through external job portals.

These placements can be more competitive as students are not limited to opportunities from a specific campus.

Consultancy Placements

Consultancy firms hire students for various roles, including management consulting, IT consulting, and financial consulting.

These placements may involve solving real-world business problems for clients.

Placement Analysis

Placement Analysis