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For the past four years, Department of Applied Psychology has been actively trying to carve a niche for itself in the college.

  • Psychology Lab: We have developed resources for the Psychology Lab. The Lab has many recent psychological tests, tools, and instruments which are considered important for imparting required skills and training to our students in diagnosis of psychological traits, characteristics, and problems.
  • Guest/Experts Lectures: We frequently organize various activities and Guest lectures for students’ personal development as well as skill development. Eminent academicians from Delhi and other universities and professionals working in the field of Psychology have provided deeper insights to the students regarding the subject. Prof. Doug Oman (University of California, Berkeley, USA), Theo Joosten (Adlerian Psychologist, Netherland), Prof. Girishwar Mishra (Vice Chancellor, MGAHV, Wardha, Maharashtra, India), Prof. Anand Praksh (University of Delhi), Prof. Purnima Singh (IIT Delhi), Prof. Vinay Srivastava (University of Delhi), Prof. Suneet Verma (University of Delhi), Prof. Gopa Bhardwaj (University of Delhi), Prof. Arvind Misra (JNU, New Delhi) are among the dignitaries who have honored us.
  • Field Visits: Students are provided platforms to attain required exposure in the form of field visits. We believe that the overall development of the student can take place not only through academic learning but also by stepping out of the classrooms and experience the ground reality. We have made consistent efforts over a period of years in this direction. The details are provided below:
      1. Our students visited Khushii (NGO working for the education of the underprivileged students) where students tried to understand the problems of children in continuing education. They provided required solutions and tried to motivate the students to study. Creative and innovative ways were used to develop interest in studies.
      2. Our students also visited Widow Ashrams in Vrindavan where they tried to understand the life of widows in Vrindavan by carrying out interviews using semi-structured interview schedules, and recording and analyzing the interviews.
      3. The students also visited the Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR), an Indian defense laboratory of the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), located in Delhi, its main function is research and development in the area of psychology for armed forces personnel. Students came to know of the kind of researches carried out in the defence arena, the career opportunities, and criteria for making a career in DIPR.