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Counseling and Mental Health

Counseling and Mental Health

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The Mental Health Awareness Cell of the Department of Applied Psychology, Ramanujan College was founded in 2019, with an aim to spread mental health literacy amongst the college students of Ramanujan College. Through interesting activities, the cell tries to bridge the gap between the scientific psychological research and the common person in order to make them aware about, “What psychology is? What does it actually talk about?”

The cell has organized “Go Yellow Drive” in collaboration with the Youth for Mental Health organization in order to spread awareness about the suicide prevention and how to seek help. The cell also released its comic strip series with the interesting characters Mr. Moorthy and Manan which aimed to break the myths (#breakingmyths) around mental health by some light hearted fun and educational content. All the students are constantly trained and guided by the professionals in the field and the teachers of the department. Additionally, the cell constantly plans and develops various online activities through the department’s Instagram page, like “Addiction series”, ” Grief during pandemic series”, “Social support & Mental health series” and to name a few.

RAAHAT, The Peer Support and Counseling Cell of the Department of Applied Psychology was also established in the year 2019, with the aim of providing the students of Ramanujan College with trained peer supporters and counseling for the variety of issues that the students might face. Our team, of student and faculty members, extends support in issues related to relationships, social interactions, among other issues that students might face. The student team comprises of the students of third and second year from the department of Applied Psychology in addition to our highly qualified faculty members. The cell is dedicated to normalize the concept of seeking counseling and aims to help dispel the stigma around it. Having been trained by professional psychologists, the team works towards providing support to the best of its abilities & vision. The team stays active on social media to help reach a wider audience and has been engaged in putting out comic strips, based on the myths & facts around counseling, and a lot more!

A few initiatives by the cells include-
● Workshop on “Let’s Talk About Anxiety” (23rd October 2020)
● Webinar on “Mental Health Services” (7th June 2021)
● Instagram Live sessions on “World Mental Health Awareness Day” (9th October to 11th October 2021)
● Autism Awareness Week (20th April 2022)