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SANIDHYA- A Society for Animal Welfare in Ramanujan College

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Welcome to the heart of compassion and commitment—SANIDHYA- A Society for Animal Welfare in Ramanujan College. As vigorous advocates for the well-being of our furry, feathered, and scaly friends, we stand united in our mission to make a meaningful impact on the lives of animals in need. At the core of our society lies a dedication to rescue and rehabilitate, where we strive to provide a second chance to those who cannot speak for themselves. Beyond our hands-on efforts, we are passionate about fostering awareness within our community, aiming to inspire informed and empathetic action. We believe in the power of education, and through workshops, events, and outreach programs, we endeavour to enlighten minds and cultivate a sense of responsibility towards the animal kingdom. Join us in this journey of compassion, where every member plays a crucial role in the pursuit of a better world for our fellow beings. Together, let's create an ecosystem that echoes the voices of those who need us the most.


The primary aim of the proposed society is to create a compassionate and supportive environment for stray animals within the college vicinity, promoting their well-being and advocating for their rights.


  • Rescue and Rehabilitation: To provide immediate aid and medical assistance to injured or sick animals, and facilitate their recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Awareness and Education: To organize campaigns, workshops, and seminars to educate the college community about animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.
  • Resource Acquisition: To secure funding for the society's activities and gather necessary resources, including food, medical supplies, and shelter provisions for the animals.
  • Partnerships and Collaboration: To collaborate with local animal welfare organizations, veterinary clinics, and other similar groups to leverage their expertise and resources for the betterment of the animals.
  • Advocacy and Support: To advocate for animal rights and welfare within the college community and the local area, promoting a culture of empathy and compassion for all living beings.

Meet the Core Team of Sanidhya- A Society for Animal Welfare

Faculty Team:

  • Dr. Tenzin Thakur, Assistant Professor, Department of Environment- Convenor
  • Mr. Gaurav Barhodiya, Assistant Professor, Department of Environment- Member
  • Mr. Akhil Raj, Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies- Member

Student Core Team:

  • Ms. Khushi Bhatia- Student (B.A Prog, Second Year): President
  • Mr. Jayan Agarwal - Student (B.A Prog, Second Year): Vice- President
  • Mr. Nimish Chaudhary- Student (B.A Prog, Second Year): Secretary
  • Ms. Nidhi Singh- Student (B.A Prog, Second Year): Treasurer