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About Us

Problem-solving is intrinsic to human nature.

It is the very essence of what has been driving great thinkers and innovators for years immemorial in their quest to shape our society as we see it.

As everyone in the Corporate world brace for an increasingly welcoming stance toward commercial collaborations and project-based learning,

it's only a matter of time that the practice of live training isn't the only way business education would be looked at and to take this exposure forward,

Ramanujan consulting club has been on its toes to bring to the students, opportunities to consult live on cases and projects.

We at RCC, aim to provide students a platform for exploring the world of consulting.



We at RCC believe that the best way to hone consulting skills and techniques is by learning from the experts and applying them in the same competitive setting.

To assist students in navigating through the current times and in maximizing their chances of transitioning into consulting.

We also aim to provide our clients achieve their business objectives by providing creative, innovative, and best-in-class consulting services and solutions.

Why join us?

Being strong proponents of increasing knowledge by sharing it, RCC has always worked to create synergies of skills and increase the pool of knowledge and RCC doesn't limit itself to college. We provide students with special training sessions from distinguished speakers, Letter of recommendation and certificate of appreciation which thereby boosts the candidature of our members.

RCC collaborates with the corporate to bring to the campus, exciting opportunities for live projects, thus enabling the students to gain a first-hand experience in different forms of consulting. It organizes events, talks, and workshops to assist the members and the student fraternity in evaluating career options in consulting and preparing for them.

It boosts the interest of the student community in the domain of consulting via case competitions and other events conducted all around the year.


We provide prime quality consulting services to businesses in order to provide ingenious, methodical, and enduring solutions to their problems.

Our clients usually range from international NGOs to established and renowned startups.


The Anidaso Nsae Foundation is an upcoming non-profit organization based in Ghana. This was founded by Rev Laud Kwaku, "Hope is yet not ended" is the motto of TANF. It works to ignite hope in the underprivileged sections of Ghana who do not have access to proper education and other facilities. Tanf aims to uplift these people from the shackles of the vicious poverty cycle.


Wakao Foods

Wakao Foods is India’s first brand that makes products from the superfood – Jackfruit founded by Sairaj Dhond. This is a Goa-based food brand that offers handpicked natural products with a vision of benefiting the planet. The company stands for creating a better tomorrow – one where humanity thrives, with products that are curated from ethically grown and sourced produce that is then hygienically processed and packaged. Wakao Foods recently got featured in Shark Tank India bagging investments from 3 Investors.

Our deliverables were to do extensive research on Domestic Offline Sales- Food brands, HoReCa market, and Retail Chains. We also Illustrated jackfruit Import/Export data with graphical presentations and jackfruit cultivation data through an interactive dashboard.

We were responsible for Providing solutions on the best online strategies or influencer strategies to penetrate in the market.


Aas Vidyalaya

Aas Vidyalaya is India's first Online school. It was founded by Vikas Kakwani and Leela Kakwani. It solves the problem of availability and accessibility of quality education by bringing schools to students. This project bagged Rs 1.5 crore investment, which is the highest deal on Shark tank India.

We Provided details of the companies that fall under the CSR activity category . We also Provided detailed competition analysis and product differentiators. We make Marketing strategies to penetrate the market best suited for the target group. We also did a survey in Tier 2-3 cities about the application.

Let The Paw Roar

Let the paw roar was started by Pawni Singhal. It is a volunteering based non profit organization based in Meerut. They not only advocate but have also launched an ambitious project to control birth among stray dogs. They conduct animal birth control programmes and rescued abandoned stray dogs.

We had to identify the key problems which are faced and garner solutions for them. We were assigned to develop funding and sponsorship plans for ABC programme. We provided the cost analysis on feeding and shelter costs.



Seekify is a learning and training platform, that helps businesses to get better job-ready employees and youth to launch their careers. It hopes to create a world where Al facilitates humans by training and transforming the way customer-facing teams interact with customers and turning them into superhumans. Seekify has also launched Seekho, a compilation of short videos on an app.

We had to perform an extensive research survey backed by data and devise a business plan to highlight sales strategy, pricing strategy, and marketing plan.

We Helped in providing a compelling and unique value proposition to the target audience. We also presented the survey analysis.


Sessions conducted

  • Leveraging Linkedin

Ramanujan Consulting Club organized an informative session on leveraging LinkedIn taken by Mr. Hammad Siddiqui, Founder of Linkedin impact, and esteemed Linkedin coach. In the session, Mr. Siddiqui talked about why is it necessary to complete your LinkedIn profile, how to find appropriate internships, the premium feature benefits, and the keywords to focus on while building your profile.

  • ISB × RCC - Young Leaders Programme

We hosted the first ever offline event of the Indian School of Business at the University of Delhi. ISB is one of the most prestigious business schools in the country and ranks 4th in Asia. ISB runs a deferred MBA programme under the name of ‘Young Leaders Programme’. ISB YLP is a much sought-after programme that helps undergraduate students get guaranteed admission in the prestigious Post Graduate Programme (PGP) at ISB while they are still in the pre-final year of their undergraduate degree.

  • Alums workshop

Ramanujan consulting club conducted a workshop on the topic “How RCC shaped our alum’s life” we invited our eminent graduates, Jahnvi Sangal, Vice President RCC during the tenure 2021-22 worked at Mashreq Bank as a finance trainee, As a project intern at Dabur and she was the state president of WICCI. Ms. Sangal is currently working as a Business consultant at Google. She guided the RCCIANS about how RCC helped her in personal growth. Moreover, she also explained to the students how they can the most out of their 3 years in college and How RCC’s live projects helped her to gain industry insights, find relevant internships and crack job interviews.



S01E01: Demystifying case competitions

Paramarsh is a series of speaker sessions aiming to upskill consulting enthusiasts by imparting their practical knowledge. We organized the very first session of the series on "How to tackle the case problem statements" providing you with the ultimate cheat sheet for case solving! The session curated the prerequisites of solving a case, how to approach the problem statements, and guidelines for creating impactful presentations followed by an open floor for doubts.


Consultrix – Annual Flagship Event

Consultrix is the annual flagship event. It was designed to bring the brightest minds together.

We provided students with enormous opportunities to partake in discussions on the most riveting topics across different sectors, attend numerous workshops and fight it all in the case competition.



The concord was a case competition that consisted of various mind-boggling case problems. The students participated in this with their determination and creative thinking abilities and we were able to come up with the three winning teams.

It witnessed a footfall of 50+ participants from prestigious colleges like Hansraj College, Hindu College, Kirori Mal college, and many more.


Case masterclass

Through this workshop, we showcased how we landed our big shot clients such as Sequoia Capital-backed Seekify, Shark Tank featured Wakao Foods and AAS Vidyalaya, North America-based NGO – TANF, and many more, how we ensured extensive training and exposure for our consultants, and the way we fulfilled the demands of our clients by solving their problems

  • Speaker sessions

As a part of our flagship event, we hosted workshops for all the Consulting enthusiasts.

The workshop was a mix of speaker sessions and panel discussions by highly placed speakers who shared how can a person clear the most vigorous interview of top-tier consulting firms for consulting job position.

Our speakers were Mr. Devanshu Ralhan, A senior manager at EY, a PMI-certified Project Management Professional.

Mr.Tarun Kapur is an associate director at KPMG Egypt. He has 15 years of experience at KPMG.

Ms Diksha Agarwal is a senior Analyst at Bain & Company and a University of Delhi Gold Medalist.