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Firstcut- The Filmmaking Society

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About Us:

Firstcut is the film making and photography society of Ramanujan College, University of Delhi. We are a group of young and aspiring film makers and photographers. We are a bunch of editors, script writers, photographers and actors who put words to action on camera and work to polish our skills, every single day. We wish to be the talent of the future who work magic behind and on screen.


Cineturion and Lensation:

Cineturion and lensation are the events of our film making society FIRSTCUT, which include film making and photography events. It has been taking place for the past 5 years. These events are a combination of excitement and entertainment. Every year, students from different courses and colleges step ahead to honor the event with their presence, which is a pure sense of joy. We have been seeing an increase in entries since we started. Last year, we received 500+ entries. This year the expected registration for our entries is 1000+. Earlier, we managed two events, but this year we could manage four events. These competitions which take place help students from different walks of life hone their skills and come out as more confident individuals in their field of interest.

Past Work and Achievements:

In 2016, the tedx was organized and shot by us, and has around 10 million views over those stocks on different platforms. In 2017 our annual production Chinmoy won awards at national and international levels. Chinmoy has been critically acclaimed. For the past 2 years we have been expanding and exploring at a very rapid rate. We have managed to dominate the DU circuit. We have won approximately 20 accolades on an  institutional level. We stood first in Gargi and LSR in the 48 hour movie making competition. Two of our films managed to hold a position in the Indian Film Project. We have also won various photography and vlog making competitions in various colleges.


Future Endeavours:

Our society picks up contemporary ideas and burning topics so that it can be related to the present day society. Our society also conducts workshops. We have conducted 5 workshops up till now primarily on cinematography and editing. We aim at expanding our horizon and will be participating and showcasing our films in national and international Film festivals.