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Dance Neuclic Acid (DNA)

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“Rhythms and Beats of DNA leave the audience in trance. Play it on and DNA can tap on anything from western, to Hip-Hop to Bollywood, Contemporary to Indo jazz including Indian fusion dance forms. For them dance is the medium to show signs, reveal emotions, flash passions, demonstrate interactions, express ideas and even narrating the entire story. DNA has emerged as a crew for its great coordination and choreography. Their mantra is love, live and Dance.”


Dance Nucleic Acid (DNA), the dance society of Ramanujan college, was formed to provide a platform to enhance the art of dancing among its members. It thrives for the best combination coordination, flexibility and creativity through its performance and help foster skills at both group and individual level. DNA practices and performs various modern dance forms like Jazz, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Classical. The society participates in the annual cultural competitions at the college level and national level competitions. The society practices its dance performance for the session under the guidance of the professional choreographer(s) appointed by the College Committee.


Achievements and Events in last two years:

  • Secured FIRST position at KALINDI COLLEGE.
  • Secured SECOND position at ITS.
  • Secured FIRST position at PMCC.
  • Society has also performed at National Level Dance Competition – GENRE 2.0.
  • DNA has cleared the Preliminary Round in Janki Devi Memorial College, IIIT-Delhi, IGTUW, JIIT, DTU, Delhi College of Arts and Commerce ,NDIM and Ambedkar University.
  • DNA has also earned special mention from judges at DTU for its performance.
  • 1st prize in Technia institute of advance studies 2017-18.
  • ‎2nd prize in Rajdhani College, University of Delhi 2017-18.
  • ‎2nd prize in BPIT College (Rohini) 2017-18.
  • ‎Special mentioned performance in LSR college & MAIMS 2017-18.
  • DNA participated in GEAR OF DANCE during 2018 which is a national level competition.
  • Performed at Andhra Pradesh Bhawan in Hevalambi Ugafi Celebrations 2017.
  • ‎Performed at Lotus Temple’s Auditorium for Bahai-Ullah’s 200th birthday Conference 2017.
  • 1st position in Satyawati College, University of Delhi 2016-17.
  • 1st position in Jamia Milia Islamia University’s Computer Science Annual Fest 2016-17.
  • 1st position in M.A.I.T College (Rithala) annual fest 2016-17.
  • 2nd position in APJ Satya University (Haryana) Annual Fest 2016-2017.
  • 3rd position in Vardhman Mahavir Medical College Annual Fest 2016-17.

Future Programs:

Dance competitions organised by University of Delhi Colleges and other Institutions.

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