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Plus Politics – Departmental

Plus Politics – Departmental

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The Plus Politics Society of the Department was established in 1995. The Society was revived with great pomp and ceremony on 6 September 2014. It provides a platform for the students to showcase their talent through the various events organized under its aegis.

Some of the programmes organized:

  1. Plus Politics Annual Meet (Debate, Essay Writing, And Poster Making Competitions) (01 March 2016)
  2. Plus Politics Annual Meet (25 September 2017)
  3. Mock Parliament on Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act, 2019 (20 January 2020)
  4. SIYASAT: Mock Parliament on Uniform Civil Code (28 September 2018)
  5. CHINTAN: One-day Departmental Activities Programme (Debate, Essay Writing, Poster Making Competitions) (23 February 2017)
  6. Riyasat-i-Hind: The India Quiz Competition
  7. Loktantra ki kashti se: The Poetry Competition (03 March 2020)