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What is Generic Elective?

A student admitted in a particular department has to opt for the Generic Elective (GE) Course offered by other departments. As an example, a student admitted under B.Sc. (H) Mathematics programme can’t opt for the Generic Elective Courses offered by Department of Mathematics. The student will study GE Course in the first four semester.


COMMERCE Basics of Accounting This course provides students a firm foundation in basicaccounting concepts and methodology and also acquaints themwith the changes taking place in the preparation andpresentation of financial statements in accordance to theapplicable accounting standards and relevant Acts.
COMPUTER SCIENCE Programming using Python This course is designed as the first course that introduces computers and programming to non-Computer Science students. The course focuses on the use of computer and programming to solve problems of different domains. It also introduces the concept of object-oriented programming.
ECONOMICS Introductory Microeconomics This course seeks to introduce microeconomic analysis as a wayof understanding the world. It exposes students to standardmicroeconomic theory with a focus on the development ofeconomic intuition, whilst also providing certain economictools that support this intuition along the way. Themicroeconomic mind-set helps students thinking about issuesthat are relevant empirically and for policy. The course is aimedprimarily at those who have not previously studied economics.It provides a foundation for further study in economics but issufficiently self-contained to provide grounding for those whodo not intend to take the subject any further.
ENGLISH Readings in Indian diversities and Literary Movements This course seeks to equip students with an overview of the development of literatures in India and its wide linguistic diversity. Students will study authors and movements from different regions and time periods.
हिंदी हिन्दी सिनेमा और उसका अध्ययन हिंदी सिनेमा की लोकप्रियता ही विद्यार्थियों को उसके अध्ययन केलिए भी प्रेरित करती है । हिंदी सिनेमा आज की युवा पीढ़ी के हृदय कीधड़कन बन चुका है । ऐसे में सिनेमा के बहुआयामी और व्यापक स्वरूपको जानने के लिए और उसके तकनीकी पहलुओं से परिचित होने के लिएइस विषय को विद्यार्थी चुन सकता है । समाज, साहित्य और रंगमंच काबृहत दर्शन सिनेमा में किया जा सकता है । वर्तमान संदर्भ में विद्यार्थी कीरुचि और रोजगार को यहाँ आश्रय मिलता है । अतः इस विषय का चयनप्रासंगिक है।
HISTORY Delhi through the Ages This paper reveals the different ages of Delhi. It reflects howDelhi came into existence and how did it emerged to be one ofthe most significant cities of India among all the times. FromStone Age Sites in Delhi area to Pre-historic settlements therehas been a vivid interpretation of several propounded theoriesabout it. Besides that, the medieval history of various citiesof Delhi is associated with the Sultanate & the Mughals withthe Sufis, the Courtiers and the people who resided here. Itrelates to the artisans, the commercial groups and the brokers,the bazaar and their hinterlands that created a glitteringemporium & a culture of urbanity that seized the imaginationof the people of age. In the modern Delhi era, the importance ofDelhi can be observed from the battle of Parpatganj to the Ghadar 1857.
MANAGEMENT Fundamental of Marketing Management This course aims to build a basic understanding of marketingmanagement decisions. It will equip students with anunderstanding of marketing mix elements. Students willbe able to: 1. Understand the concept of marketing andrelated concepts; 2. An understanding of various elementsof marketing mix.
MATHEMATICS Calculus The main aim of this course is to introduce the concept ofdifferentiation of functions, points of inflection, curve sketchingetc. Concepts of functions of several variables, their partialderivatives and saddle points is also discussed. This course willenable the students to:1) Visualize three dimensional figures and calculating their volumes;2) Draw the graph of functions in polar coordinates and level curvesof functions of several variables; 3) Understand Limits, continuityand partial derivatives of functions of several variables.
PHILOSOPHY Ethics in Public Domain This paper is an attempt to make students understand theimportance of ethics in social and personal life. We try tounderstand the personal, social, political, philosophical issues,problem and debates through the lenses of morality and   find outethical solutions for it. In doing this, we firstly define whatis ethics and how it is connected with our everyday life.
POLITICAL SCIENCE Nationalism in India The purpose of this course is to help students understand thestruggle of Indian people against colonialism. It seeks to achievethis understanding by looking at this struggle from differenttheoretical perspectives that highlight its different dimensions.The course begins with the nineteenth century Indian responses tocolonial dominance in the form of reformism and its criticism andcontinues through various phases up to the events leading to thePartition and Independence. In the process, the course tries tohighlight its various conflicts and contradictions by focusing on itsdifferent dimensions: communalism, class struggle, caste and gender questions.
APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY Psychology for Living This involves study of health, health promoting behaviours(exercise, meditation etc) and health compromising behaviours(smoking, alcoholism etc.) and positive psychology topics likehope, optimism etc.
STATISTICS Statistical Methods The learning objectives of this course include: 1. To Motivatestudents towards intrinsic interest in statistical thinking. 2. Toanalyse and interpret data. After completing this course, studentsshould have developed a clear understanding of: Basic concepts ofStatistics; Distinguish between different types of data; Graphicalmethods of displaying data; Measures of Locations; Concept ofBi-Variate Data; Method of Least Square; Introduction to the basics of Probability.

Note: A particular GE course is offered only if a viable number of students opt for it. Further, the College reserves the right to restrict choices of GEs for a stream of students.