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About Us:

The extent of human impact on the Earth has reached dangerous levels today, which threatens long-term survival, progress and growth of the human civilization. There is an urgent need to protect the planet from degradation by adopting principles of sustainable development, sustainable consumption and production, sustainably managing the natural resources and taking immediate action on climate change, so that we are able to support the needs of both present and future generations. Climate change is no longer a future threat but a stark current reality. We are already seeing the consequences of rising carbon dioxide concentrations, higher global temperatures and erratic weather pattern across the globe. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to think globally and act locally.

Since its inception, Tatva: Eco Club has been working towards creating environmental awareness at the very grass root level. It consistently works to equip the younger generation to deal with environmental concerns through more effective environmental education and practicing them. The eco-club spreads knowledge about the environment and promotes a holistic approach towards living with the natural world, in order to minimize the environmental problems faced by the human race today. It understands the central role of youth in saving the environment and encourages the students towards adopting eco-friendly practices, recycling different materials and saving the resources such as water, electricity etc.

Tatva: Eco Club also works with other stakeholders in order to achieve a common goal with different approaches. This truly helps in building consciousness for a developed and prosperous nation, where economic development and environmental growth function together.

Activities Conducted in Academic Year 2019-20:

  1. “Lecture on “Dragon Flies: Importance and Conservation”: 13 August 2019

A lecture on “Dragonfly Importance and conservation” was delivered by Mr. Nikhil from WWF and for the students of Commerce and Philosophy to make them understand the role of files in the Natural Cycles. It was conducted in association with the Department of Environmental Studies.

Tatva – The Eco-1

2. “We pray for Amazon Rainforest”: 27th August 2019

The college students and teachers signed a poster of Amazon Rainforest and wrote how they all are taking small steps towards saving the environment .Various students and teachers also gathered to pray for Amazon fire loss and also discussed about the issues related to the environment.

3. Eco friendly Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration as per Ministry Guidelines

As per the guidelines of the Ministry, an eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated by Tatva in September 2019 to give the message of Nature friendly celebration. A beautiful murti of lord Ganesha made of mud and clay was set up in the college and worshipped. On the last day, visarjan was celebrated in an eco-friendly way by all the members and the faculty.

4. Student Participation in Essay Writing Competition: 16th September 2019

On the occasion of International zone day, an essay writing competition was conducted by National Museum of Natural History at Indira paryavaran bhawan on 16th September 2019. Students of our society also participated in it and Kripal Mishra secured the 3rd position

5. Workshop on Paper Recycling: 19th September 2019

A workshop was conducted on “Paper Recycling and its Importance” by Mr. Vivek Mehta, Co-Founder and Director, Jaagruti Paper Recycling Services by Department of Environmental Studies and Eco Club for the students of Management and Psychology.

6. Clean-up Drive: 21st September 2019

World clean up drive was conducted by AIESEC in Connaught Place on 21st September where the volunteers of Tatva society volunteered and participated for spreading the message of clean India.  

7. Train for Clean Air: Youth -26th September 2019

An event named Ycan was organized by Clean Air Asia on 26th September ’19. It basically talked about clean air in our country and how can we be a part of cleaning it. Various noble guests were invited to talk about importance of clean air in terms of medical, media, international basis etc. On the spot presentation was done where teams were divided and had to talk about various places on air quality and steps required to improve it. Anshita, an Eco Club member secured1st position for the best presenter.

8. Rex Karma veer Awards, 12th October 2019

Anshita, an Eco Club member, Ramanujan College won the campus connect -Rex karma veer global young leader fellowship and karma veer Chakra Award on 12th October 2019 at IIT Delhi in which she talked about how Tatva: the Eco Club of Ramanujan College works for the environment and conducts various drive for clean and green earth and how the society is working on sustainable development.

9.Plantation Drive: 29th September 2019

A Plantation Drive was conducted by Sanrakshak NGO in collaboration with TATVA society at Pitampura in the last week of September. All the volunteers successfully planted 150 saplings of Mehandi and Gudhal and keenly participated in the plantation drive.

Tatva – The Eco-2

10. Young Leadership Plastic Tide Turner Challenge 2019

The college associated with WWF for Young Leadership Plastic Tide Turner Challenge Badge, 2019 launched as a part of UNEP’s Clean Seas Campaign.

11.Project ECHO, September 2019

An LOU was signed with WWF in September 2019 under the programme ECHO: A youth engagement programme under WWF volunteers that aims to create environment conservation heroes in colleges across the country.

Tatva – The Eco-3

12.India Plog Run, 2nd October 2019

An event named Plog Run was organized by WWF and United Way. Tatva volunteers collected waste through their entire trail and deposited it for recycling. This was a small step but promoted a huge amount of awareness among people

13. Triathlon of Knowledge-2 , 19th October 2019

Tatva- The Eco Club and Department of Environmental Studies of Ramanujan College, University of Delhi organised an intercollege competition: Triathlon of Knowledge-2 on the theme – Biodiversity and its Conservation, on 19th October, 2019. The occasion was graced by Dr. Vinay Shankar, Department of Botany, Deshbandhu College as the Chief Guest and Judge. A total of 19 teams from various colleges of University of Delhi participated in the event. The participants had gone through 2 rounds which were based on the topic Water Scarcity. Declamation and Quiz rounds were held in the event.

14.Cleanliness drive: 6th November 2019

TATVA-The Eco Club organized a Cleanliness Drive in college campus on 6th November 2019. Students of the Eco club volunteered for this drive. The main purpose of the Cleanliness Drive was to create awareness among students regarding the importance of keeping our campuses clean.  All volunteers were provided with the gloves and masks to ensure their safety.

Tatva – The Eco-4

15. Single Use Plastic Waste Drive

Single Use Plastic Waste Drive was organised by Tatva society in the month of February 2020.All the members participated by sensitizing students and interacting with them in small groups for reducing the use of single use plastic in their daily lives.

16. Sustainability week: 24th– 29th February 2020

Sustainability week was organized by Tatva: Eco Club in association with the Department of Environmental Studies of Ramanujan College from 24th February 29th February 2020. Environmentalist Swami Premparivartan (famously known as Peepal Baba) from ‘Give me Trees Trust’ was the Chief Guest for the event. The objective was to promote the concept of sustainability and sustainable development. Various inter-college competitions were organized along with a Nature Trail to promote the principle of judicious use of resources among the students.

17.Inter-College Annual Fest: Rangarang 2.0: 2nd March 2020

An Inter-College Annual Departmental fest Rangarang 2.0 and Projection 2.0 was organized by the Tatva: Eco Club in association with the Department of Mathematics and Department of Environmental Studies on 2nd March 2020. Its aim was to promote Interdisciplinary events and to amalgamate the ideas of Nature, Environment and Mathematics on a single Platform.

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Activities conducted in 2018-19