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About Us:

Brushstrokes is the Art and Craft Society of Ramanujan College, University of Delhi. It aims to promote art and artistic traditions by providing the budding artists the space and necessary equipment to experiment with and learn diverse art media. The society utilizes every opportunity to enhance the creativity of our artists and provides them a platform to showcase their talent by organizing different events throughout the year. 

Currently, Brushstrokes is a team of more than 30 students from all departments of the college with an executive committee of 5 members leading the society.

Varnatulika – The Annual Art Exhibition

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Varnatulika is an annual feature of Brushstrokes and it comes with a unique flavor each year. It is demonstration of art and aesthetics by artists from the society and outside the college.

Varnatulika 2018 invited skilled craftsmen and traditional artists to showcase the diverse forms of art. Internationally acclaimed Madhubani artist from Bihar, traditional pottery and Puppetry artists displayed their unique art forms.

This year, in Varnatulika 2019, the team ventured out to make its art exhibition into an inter-college exhibition-cum-competition. It was a captivating display of more than 300 artworks by various art societies from across colleges in the university. The inter-college exhibition was also accompanied with an on-the-spot painting contest which was open throughout the day for students and teachers to come and paint their imagination. Overall, the event saw immense participation in the competitions, and the exhibit was highly appreciated by all visitors.

Inter and Intra-college Art Competitions       

The Society annually organizes painting competitions for students and teachers, to provide a channel for all Ramanujan college students and teachers to express themselves through this medium. It also organizes different art competitions like Rangoli Making, Leaf painting, Mask Painting and many others, each year during Josh, the Annual Cultural Festival of the college.

Likewise, the students of the society represent our college in various inter-college art events across the university.

Workshops, Lectures and Walkthroughs

Every semester, the society plans training workshops for students to learn different art media, lectures and talks to understand the history and evolution of art in India and in the West. The society also conducts guided walkthrough the popular art museums and galleries, to learn about the evolving stylistic contexts, like genre, style and technique.

Posters, Decorations and Aesthetics

Brushstrokes is also responsible for digital designing for posters and undertaking decorations for the various cultural and academic events of the college.