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Bhangra Regiment

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About Us: 

Bhangra is one of the world’s most energetic folk dance and music form that has its origins in Punjab, the land of five rivers. Today, it is a hugely popular form of dance performance that has international acclaim. The Bhangra Regiment, the Punjabi Folk Society of Ramanujan College preserves the traditional qualities of the Bhangra dance, its rhythmic music and robust drum beats, the vigorous and exuberant movements and the vibrant colours of the dresses and makes presentations that charm and keep the audience enthralled. With their heads covered with colourful pagg and chunni, the Bhangra Regiment members perform the bhangra in all its regional variations including the Jhummar, Sialkot, Dhamaal, Luddi and the Gidda.  

Bhangra Regiment was founded on January, 2016 under the inspiring guidance of Dr. Kanwal Jeet Singh, Assistant Professor in Commerce. Today the Bhangra Regiment is a team of 26 girls and boys. During the very first year of the Society, both the boys and the girls team performed on medley. In the following year, along with girl’s medley team, a boys live team was prepared under professional guidance, that went on to participate in different competitions. 


Achievements and Events: 

The Bhangra Dance Society  provides  fun and entertainment when it performs in various   intra college events like the departmental fests, fresher’s parties, delighting the audience with colourful performances. In this year’s fresher’s party, the society presented an enchanting flash mob to attract the audience and promote the society among the newcomers.

The society also performs in the annual cultural fest of the college, Josh. It participates and competes in several inter-college events and competitions organized by different institutions. Performances have been made in various forms like medley, live folk, folk dance on track at IIHM food fest, Manav Rachna International University, Amity University and several other colleges.


In future, Bhangra Regiment seeks to take part and win prizes in various competitions with both the team of boys and girls in the cultural fest of various educational institutions. The society envisions being among the best Punjabi folk societies, whilst promoting this high-energy, vibrant folk dance form.