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रामानुजन महाविद्यालय

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सीजीपीए 3.71 . के साथ एनएएसी ग्रेड ए++

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics at Ramanujan College, established in 1966 and named after the renowned Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, is celebrated for its unwavering commitment to excellence in teaching and research.

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The Department of Mathematics, Ramanujan College is well known for its dedication towards excellence in teaching and research. Named after the great Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, the Department upholds his spirit of Mathematical Excellence and Innovation. The Department of Mathematics was established in 1966. The Department used to handle the Discipline course of B.A.(Programme) and few courses (Business Statistics and Business Mathematics) of B. Com.(H). In the academic session 2013-2014, the Department of Mathematics offered Honours degree course in Mathematics under the FYUP (Four Year Undergraduate Programme) scheme of courses. Initially, the department offered honors course in Mathematics under the FYUP scheme which was later re-framed into three year undergraduate course. From 2016-2022, the department admitted students in B.Sc. (H) Mathematics programme under the Choice based credit system (CBCS) and Learning Outcomes-based Curriculum Framework (LOCF) time to time.  Currently, the department offering 4 years B.Sc. (H) Mathematics programme with Research / Academic Projects / Entrepreneurship under Undergraduate Curriculum Framework-2022 (UGCF-2022) scheme of National Education Policy-2020. Apart from the honours course, the Department also offers Mathematics as a Discipline Course in B.A. Programme.


The Department has 8 faculty members with their research interests lying in Algebra, Graph Theory, Complex Analysis, Operator Theory, Fluid Dynamics and other areas of Applied Mathematics. The faculty members of the Department of Mathematics at Ramanujan College are highly qualified and experienced professionals who are committed to imparting quality education and nurturing the intellectual growth of their students. They are actively engaged in research activities, contributing to the advancement of mathematical knowledge and its applications. The department encourages a vibrant academic environment, fostering collaboration, discussion, and critical thinking among students. The department organizes National and International conferences, seminars, workshops, and guest/expert lectures by renowned Mathematicians and researchers to expose students to cutting-edge developments in the field of Mathematics. Apart from the regular academic programs, the department actively engages in community outreach initiatives, promoting the importance of mathematics and its relevance in everyday life. It encourages students to participate in mathematical competitions, conferences, and research projects to enhance their skills and broaden their horizons. The Department of Mathematics, Ramanujan College is equipped with modern facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, a dedicated library, and computer laboratories with specialized mathematical software. These resources enable students to apply theoretical concepts to practical problem-solving scenarios and explore mathematical concepts through computational methods. Overall, the Department of Mathematics provides a stimulating learning environment for students interested in pursuing a career in Mathematics. It nurtures their passion for the subject and equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in academia, research, and various professional fields where mathematics plays a vital role.

The Department aims to create a solid foundation for the assimilation of mathematical concepts and structures and build mathematical skills like creative, logical and analytical thinking. Software such as Mathematica is used to increase the understanding of the fundamental mathematical concepts. It has a vibrant Society – RamanuGen that promotes student’s interests in the subject by organizing activities with their enthusiastic involvement.