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Department of History

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Department of History


The History Department was established in 1958 along with the inception of the college. The department works with the vision to shape historically and politically conscious citizens for the country who would pursue intellectual/academic excellence and scientific temperament with the view to create a more just and equal society.


Improve upon language skills and develop analytical abilities through class lectures, seminars, group discussions and detailed evaluation of written assignments.
. Usage of maps, photographs, films and so on to illustrate historical changes.
. Impart education that makes students more tolerant of social, economic and political differences.
. Not harbour biases of caste, class, race, gender, social status etc.
. Become historically conscious citizens aware of their environment and heritage

Curriculum and Co-Curriculum

The University designs both Program and Honours courses for the students. While conveying the same to students through lectures, presentations etc. Care is taken to incorporate elements of living history. To that end heritage walks are conducted, talks are held, discussions and debates are done and relevant movies, visual material, maps etc are used to explain the historical process.

Educational Objectives

The Department is trying to inculcate a world vision, philosophical disposition, social and ethical responsibility among the students. Study of history helps enhance analytical and interpretative ability. They also learn to synthesize and collate information. It is meant to make them historical and heritage-conscious citizens. It eventually develops their oration and discursive ability, reading and writing ability.