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An Outreach program was conducted on April 12, 2019, by Ramanujan College, the University of Delhi, in which students and teachers spent the day with the students of DTEA Sr. Secondary School situated in Sector-4, R.K. Puram. With the objective of engaging the students of the school in fun-filled activities, breaking the monotony of school life and encouraging participation in extra-curricular activities to help to achieve overall development of all the children in the school, various indoor, as well as outdoor activities, were organised by Department of Commerce, Department of Management Studies (BMS) and Department of Vocational studies (B.Voc) together.


For smooth functioning of the program, the school was divided into three parts as Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary. Primary wing (1st – 5th) were given to BMS. Secondary including 6th to 8th standard was taken by Commerce and B.voc interacted and conducted various activities for students from classes 9th to 12th.

The students of class 1st participated in Hand Painting, Pop the Balloon. The students’ vigour and energy were spellbinding and the activities were enjoyed not only by the students but by the volunteers too. The volunteers organised Rope True/False game and Straw Painting for Grade 2. 

The paintings made by the students were absolutely amazing and the Rope game was filled with great energy with the students exhibiting active participation. The students were given chocolates for their efforts. 


The Grade 3 students performed extraordinarily in Extempore competition organised for them. The Chocolate count game too was a huge hit among them with the children participating with a healthy spirit. The Grade 4 students created a huge ruckus in the Dum-Charade, enjoyed wholly by all, with the students divided into 2 teams. The essay writing competition, organised with the objective to hone the writing skills, saw beautiful pieces written by the students. The students of Grade 5 enjoyed Bingo and Crossword. With the students’ enjoying Bingo and their acumen checked in the Crossword, the events were a huge success with winners receiving gifts and certificate for their amazing performances.

With the indoor activities completed, the volunteers had all the students engage in various outdoor games like Races, Tug of War, 3 Rings Games.

Recreational & Educational activities were conducted by Ramcomm (commerce society) for classes 6th to 9th standard. Balloon mania, Jack in the box, shootout, elocution, group painting, talent show among others gave the students not just a great time, but also brought out the young spirit of college-going students.  The school children were also given a number of exciting gifts and prizes as a reward for their engagement in the various activities and events.

Students from the Department of Vocational Studies interacted and conducted various activities with students from classes IX-XII.


Class IX and X: The first activity conducted was Pictionary a game in which one student had to explain the word given to them by drawing it on the board. The whole class was divided into teams and students were asked to participate voluntarily. This was followed by quiz sessions on taglines, brands etc. A session on Vedic Mathematics was also delivered which saw participation from not only the students but their teachers too. Realizing the need to address questions about which stream to choose and the options available, a counselling session about career choices was also conducted for the students.

Class 12th (Science, Commerce & Humanities): All the sections of class XII  assembled in Computer Lab where they had some fun activities and a career counselling session conducted by the student volunteers. The session started with the game – Pass the Smiley! The objective of this game was to let the students know the importance of teamwork. After the game, the students were asked to share their experiences of class XI and XII so far and also about their career choices This was followed by a motivational talk by both the volunteers about how to make choices in life. 


The objective of the activities and the sessions conducted with classes IX to XII was to help them get ready for the life after school where life skills like self-awareness, creative thinking, decision making, problem-solving, effective communication, coping with stress and emotions, etc. play a significant role.  

For enhancing students’ skill, having a positive mind, conceptual clarity, creation of out of the box thinking, knowledge about the world, converting dreams into reality, the college donated the bulk of books to the school in charity.

The conscientious efforts of college teachers and their guidance to all the volunteers were appreciated by everyone in the school. Overall the experience was learning for both the college team and the students of the school.