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Enactus is a not-for-profit worldwide organisation which brings together values-driven student entrepreneurs, social innovators and social investors to manifest ideas and innovations that impact real lives to make them better.

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Enactus is present across 36 countries in 1730 campuses engaging almost 72,000 students who wish to work towards a more sustainable world.

Extending the chain forward, Enactus Ramanujan works with the coherent vision of community building and curating sustainable business plans for third- parties so that the entrepreneurial actions undertaken by its students can thrive and bring meaning to the lives of people it will impact.

Enactus Ramanujan is a team of 30 dedicated students which started operating two years ago in 2017. Since then the society has successfully launched three inspiring projects under its wings, Project Akriti, Project Noor and Project Neev. Apart from working on these Projects, the student team at Enactus Ramanujan leaves no stone unturned in curating business plans and impacting the society in a visibly palpable way.

Project Akriti

Project Aakriti was one of the first projects undertaken by Enactus Ramanujan. It endeavours to achieve and ensure effective waste management at the household level, making a step towards an ecologically-friendly way of life. It engaged the potter community in Uttam Nagar, New Delhi in the making of earthen composting pots which were sold to several households, thereby generating supplementary incomes for the potters and also taking a step towards a better, cleaner environment.

Project Noor

Project Noor revolves around curating organic soaps by engaging the underprivileged women community of Govindpuri slums in New Delhi. Given the awareness amongst people regarding organic and natural products, the business plan of this project has proved to be extremely efficient, hence gaining overwhelming responses from across multiples spheres of people. The project has witnessed considerable profits since its inception. The society has also been successful in getting the soaps certified as organic and natural by a reputed laboratory.

Project Neev

Project Neev aims to work towards promoting seed paper products and would engage the women community of Sarvodaya camps in New Delhi. Though the project is in its initial stage of development and execution, it is estimated to positively affect the lives of the community to great extents given its robust and sustainable business plan.

Enactus Day

The society successfully organised Enactus Day on February 23, 2018 which hosted many entrepreneurially and sustainability oriented speaker sessions led by industry leaders from various dimensions of life. The grand event also saw immense participation from students in the business plan competition organised and boosted the spirit of social action to unimaginable extents.

Donation Drives

Enactus Ramanujan annually organises a cloth donation drive called ‘Make Them Shine’. #MakeThemShine.02, the second version of the cloth donation drive organized in February, 2019. It saw a huge participation from the entire college’s student body and fraternity, contributing immensely for the underprivileged children in the nearby slum areas.

Inter-college Participations

Our society was shortlisted from amongst 48 Enactus teams for the HSBC Case Study Competition held in Mumbai in 2018, which sees a huge participation from the entire college’s student body and fraternity. The team enthusiastically competed against the worthy opponents and made it to the semi- final round.

Future Plans

In future, the team of socially responsible students at Enactus Ramanujan aim to increase the impact of the society’s operations manifold in the future. . Project Neev is on the verge of its breakthrough launch and the team aims to provide the community and society with immense sustainable benefits. Overall, it won’t be wrong to say that the team at Enactus Ramanujan will stop at nothing to make their socially innovative and responsible actions count and make a real difference.