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Field Visits

Field Visits

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The Department of Environmental Studies and Tatva: Eco Club regularly organise visits to various bio diversity parks, waste recycling plants. This gives practical exposure to students regarding the natural flora and fauna as well as human initiatives for environmental conservation and protection. This also complements their classroom understanding of theoretical concepts.

8, 15 and 17 September 2015 Aravalli Biodiversity Park
19 September 2016 Yamuna Biodiversity Park
10 November 2016 Yamuna Biodiversity Park
3 February 2017 Asola Bhati Wildlife Sanctuary
13 April 2017 The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), Gurugram
28 October 2017 Sultanpur National Park, Gurgaon
9 February 2018 Aravalli Biodiversity Park
15 February 2018 Mahatma Gandhi National Institute for Combating Climate Change, Delhi
14 February 2020 Neela Hauz Biodiversity Park

Visit to Aravalli Biodiversity Park:

Visit to Yamuna Biodiversity Park:

Visit to Asola Bhati Wildlife Sanctuary: