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National Cadet Corps (NCC)

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Ramanujan College aspires to develop leadership, build strength of character, and inculcate a spirit of sportsmanship and ideal of service among its students. Through its NCC wing, the College aims to create a force of disciplined and trained persons who could help in a situation of national emergency. NCC was introduced in Universities in 1948 through an act of Parliament under the Chairmanship of Pandit H. N. Kunjru. It aims to develop qualities like character, comradeship, discipline, secular outlook, spirit of adventure, sportsmanship, selfless service of the country, etc. in the cadets. It also aims to create a pool of organized, trained and motivated youth with leadership qualities in all walks of life, who will serve the nation regardless of which career they choose. Needless to say, NCC also provides an environment conducive to motivate young Indians to join the armed forces. NCC organizes many camps throughout the year in which youth are trained professionally by experts from the Army, Navy and Air Force. The main benefit of NCC apart from personality and skill development is the Certificate that cadets get; A, B, and C certificates. It is not only beneficial for defence forces but it also provides the cadets with an upper hand in most of the Government exams. For example, in the CDS exam, conducted by UPSC, there is a reservation accorded to NCC 'C' Certificate holders.


⮚ Youth Exchange Programme

⮚ Republic Day Camp

⮚ All India Thal Sainik Camp

⮚ All India Trekking Camp

⮚ National War Memorial Camp

⮚ Prime Minister Rally Camp

⮚ Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat

⮚ Unity Camp

⮚ Army Attachment Camp

⮚ Parasailing Camp

⮚ Para Slithering Camp

⮚ Army Action Camp

⮚ Tableau Camp

⮚ Basic Mounteering Camp

⮚ Combined Annual Training Camp

⮚ Annual Training Camp


Senior Cadets:

➢ Kajal Poonia: +91 7206127298

➢ Irfan Madar: +91 7042035856

Email: ncc@ramanujan.du.ac.in


(1) Instagram, website, and poster for enrolment coming soon.

(2) QR Code for Google Form Registration.

(3) Google Form with WhatsApp link and payment link (Rs. 100/-)

(4) Enrolment Rally Posters with date on Instagram, website and WhatsApp groups also.

(5) Procedure will be of 1 day, if not then of 2 days.

A. Physical Test

B. Written Test

C. Interview (Based on PIQ Form)

(6) Physical Test

A. Running - XXX meters in XX minutes

B. Squats →

30 Squats - 10 marks

28 squats - 8 marks

26 squats - 6 marks

24 squats - 4 marks

20 or less than - 2 marks

B. Crunches →

30 Squats - 10 marks

28 squats - 8 marks

26 squats - 6 marks

24 squats - 4 marks

20 or less than - 2 marks

C. Pushups. - Proper Pushups

20 Pushups -10

18 Pushups - 9

16 Pushups - 8

15 Pushups - 6

Less than 15 - 2 marks

D. Shuttle run (2 minutes)

10 or more - 10 marks

9 runs - 8 marks

7 runs - 6 marks

5 or less than - 2 marks

(7) Written Test

A. Basic questions regarding NCC and general knowledge.

(8) Interview

Based on PIQ form.

  1. Seniors in uniform and new enrolments in formals.
  2. Marks for hygiene.

SD -

  • Proper trimmed hairs and nails.
  • Well-polished formal shoes with black socks.
  • White shirt and black pant with a decent colour tie.

SW -

  • Proper juda with juda net.
  • Trimmed nails and no nail paint.
  • White shirt and black pant with a decent colour tie.
  • No make-up.
  • Well-polished formal shoes with black socks.

(9) Selected Cadets will be 22 and +10 Reserved

Some Important Points

(1) Cadets and their parents’ signatures on "Terms and Conditions" is required.

(2) No attendance benefit will be provided for regular classes in case cadets are not regular in parade


(3) 70% attendance in parade is compulsory to appear in B/C certificate.

(4) If a cadet takes backout then he/she will have to pay the security charges.

(5) College's/Ramanujan NCC's decision will be the final.


YEAR (2016- 2017)

In the academic session (2016-17) cadets enrolled in NCC made a tremendous effort to accomplish various goals. They gave their best in every field possible.


Various camps held in the year are as follows:

1) Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC) – Delhi Cantt (13th to 22nd June, 2016)   

2) National Integration Camp 1 – Mumbai (6th to 17th October, 2016)

3) National Integration Camp – Bharatpur (7th to 17th November, 2016)

4) Rock Climbing Training Camp (RCTC) – Uttarakhand (27th September to 2nd October, 2017)

Other achievements of the college’s NCC unit for the Session were:

1) Participated in Chief Minister’s Rally – New Delhi, 2016

2) Participated in Chief Minister’s Rally – New Delhi, 2017

3) Cadets also participated in various activities in the Annual Athletics Meet of the college. The activities included Piloting, Guard of honour and NCC March-past.

4) Participated in the Sports Day of Collegiate Women’s Education Board (NCWEB) of Ramanujan College.

5) Participated in an event hosted in India Gate on World Water Day.

YEAR 2017- 2018

The academic session (2017-18) was yet another vintage year, where each cadet in the NCC unit performed a commendable duty. All the cadets made sure that they achieve highest of the goals and make their college proud. Various events occurred during the annual session.


Following camps were held during the academic year:

1) Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC) – New Delhi (22nd August to 31st August, 2017)

2) National Integration Camp (NIC) – Varanasi (24th September to 24th October, 2017)

3) NCC fest held in college – New Delhi (10th October)

4) Republic Day Camp (RDC) – New Delhi (12th October 2017)

5) Amar Jawan Jyoti (AJJ) – New Delhi (12th October 2017) 

Other achievements of the college’s NCC Unit for the session were:

1) Active Participation in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

2) Camp was held on National Yoga Day

3) Cadets participated in various inter-college competitions, which included Cultural Activities, Guard of Honour, NCC Drill etc.

4) Participated in Annual Sports Meet (Regular and NCWEB).