About Us:

The extent of human impact on the Earth has reached dangerous levels today, which threatens long-term survival, progress and growth of the human civilization. There is an urgent need to protect the planet from degradation by adopting principles of sustainable development, sustainable consumption and production, sustainably managing the natural resources and taking immediate action on climate change, so that we are able to support the needs of both present and future generations. Climate change is no longer a future threat but a stark current reality. We are already seeing the consequences of rising carbon dioxide concentrations, higher global temperatures and erratic weather pattern across the globe. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to think globally and act locally.

Since its inception, Tatva: Eco Club has been working towards creating environmental awareness at the very grass root level. It consistently works to equip the younger generation to deal with environmental concerns through more effective environmental education and practicing them. The eco-club spreads knowledge about the environment and promotes a holistic approach towards living with the natural world, in order to minimize the environmental problems faced by the human race today. It understands the central role of youth in saving the environment and encourages the students towards adopting eco-friendly practices, recycling different materials and saving the resources such as water, electricity etc.

Tatva: Eco Club also works with other stakeholders in order to achieve a common goal with different approaches. This truly helps in building consciousness for a developed and prosperous nation, where economic development and environmental growth function together.

Activities Conducted in Academic Year 2018-19:

Tatva, the Eco Club of Ramanujan College commenced the Academic Session 2018-19 with the selection of new office bearers through interview process. The following activities were conducted during academic year 2018-19

Student Achievements:

Future Plans