Notice regarding teams/ classes in the Microsoft Teams Account of the students (uploaded on 10th September 2020)

Notice Regarding New Time-table from 1st September 2020 (uploaded on 31st August 2020)

Sections in Optional Papers
B.Com.(H), 3rd Semester
B.Com.(H), 5th Semester
B.Com., 5th Semester

Time-Tables (Odd Semester 2020-21): Effective from 1st September 2020 (uploaded on 30th August 2020)

B.Com. (H): ThirdFifth
B.Com.: ThirdFifth
B.Sc. (H) Computer Science: ThirdFifth
B.Sc. (H) Mathematics: ThirdFifth
B.Sc. (H) Statistics: ThirdFifth
B.Voc. Banking Operations: ThirdFifth
B.Voc. Software Development: ThirdFifth
BA (H) Applied Psychology: ThirdFifth
BA (H) Economics: ThirdFifth
BA (H) English: ThirdFifth
BA (H) Hindi: ThirdFifth
BA (H) Philosophy: ThirdFifth
BA (H) Political Science: ThirdFifth
BA Programme: ThirdFifth
BMS: ThirdFifth

List of optional papers selected by BA Programme, 5th Semester students (uploaded on 29th August 2020)

List of Optional Papers selected by the students (uploaded on 29th August 2020)

List of Students who have not filled the optional paper form (uploaded on 26th August 2020)

Notice regarding new time-table effective from 01-09-2020 (uploaded on 25th August 2020)

Procedure of Selection of Optional Papers in Academic Session 2020-21 (Odd Semester) (uploaded on 21st August 2020)

Selection of Optional Papers in Second and Third year (uploaded on 17th August 2020)

Course Structure in Odd Semester 2020-21 (uploaded on 15th August 2020)

Instructions for Students to Login to Microsoft Teams

1. Use the username and password provided to you by the College. Check your SMS for the same.
2. If you have laptop, then access Microsoft Teams first time using laptop. After that you can access through Mobile also.
3. Only some Mobiles are creating the problem of signing in error. Prefer Laptop for the first time.
4. If you do not have laptop and your mobile is having signing in error, then you can either share your credentials with your friend with laptop for first time sign in. Else you can contact us, we will do your first time sign in.
5. You can also try opening Microsoft Teams in your mobile Chrome Browser by switching to desktop mode.
6. It may be possible that some students still face problems in login. Such students can mail their query at the email address:

Guide to login and join video class in Microsoft Teams (uploaded on 9th August 2020)

Notice regarding Time-Tables and Adoption of Microsoft Teams Platform for Online Teaching (uploaded on 7th August 2020)

Time-Tables (Odd Semester 2020-21): Effective from 10th August 2020 (uploaded on 6th August 2020)

B.Com. (H): Third, Fifth
B.Com.: Third, Fifth
B.Sc. (H) Computer Science: Third, Fifth
B.Sc. (H) Mathematics: Third, Fifth
B.Sc. (H) Statistics: Third, Fifth
B.Voc. Banking Operations: Third, Fifth
B.Voc. Software Development: Third, Fifth
BA (H) Applied Psychology: Third, Fifth
BA (H) Economics: Third, Fifth
BA (H) English: Third, Fifth
BA (H) Hindi: Third, Fifth
BA (H) Philosophy: Third, Fifth
BA (H) Political Science: Third, Fifth
BA Programme: Third, Fifth
BMS: Third, Fifth

Commencement of Online Classes from 10th August 2020 for third and fifth Semester Students (uploaded on 31st July 2020)

List of Teacher-in-charges for the Academic Session 2020-21 (uploaded on 29th July 2020)

Online Classes for Third and Fifth Semester Students wef 4th August 2020 (Tuesday) (uploaded on 27th July 2020)