The Media Lab of the Ramanujan College is perhaps the only one of its kind in among the colleges of the University of Delhi.  Eight years ago, the College foresaw that films and audio visual media would play an increasingly important role in the pedagogic practices of the future. As a policy to encourage and support film, media studies and the use of information technology in the teaching learning process the institution decided to set up a facility, named the Media Lab that would engage in the production of high quality electronic media for academic use and be a resource center for the making and study of films.

The Media Lab with a studio room for recording and an adjacent room for post-production was set up with modest equipment in 2013. Later in 2018, with the addition of the new building of the College, the Media Lab was shifted into a bigger room with better infrastructure.  In the past three years , the Media Lab of the College has acquired and adopted the best available technologies  and is being extensively used by the institution for its growth.

Today the air conditioned, internet connected and Wi-Fi enabled Media lab is equipped with the latest state of art audio-video recording equipment.  For audio visual production the Media Lab has a sound proof studio which is connected with a post-production room. The studio has two hi definition professional camcorders with stands and two high end still cameras.  There are special light panels for video recordings and led lights to illuminate the studio.  The video cameras are attached with tele-prompters that are used when recording lectures. The studio has a Chroma screen, a projector and a projection screen and a Max Hub Interactive 75” panel.  The video recordings are done using high quality Wi-Fi microphones. For purposes of interviews required furniture is available. There is also a podium from where lectures can be delivered.

The video camera with teleprompter and special lights in the sound proof Media Lab studio


The post production cum office space of the Media lab is adjacent to the recording studio and is separated by a wall with a sound proof glass window. For post-production the Media Lab has two high end IMac 24” desktops workstations with the latest Final Cut Pro (FCP) editing software.  The lab also has two HP desktops workstations connected to a printer, and four HP laptops for office work. The Media Lab is supported by a 100 TB Network Attached Storage (NAS). The Media Lab has storage cupboards for safe keeping of equipment and table top areas for desk work.

The Media Lab post production room and office


The Ramanujan College Media Lab is a remarkable resource center for all types of electronic media production. High quality photographic documentation (both still and video), video making of lectures, preparation of MOOCs lessons, uploading video material on social platforms, and supporting students of First Cut (the College Film Society) in their productions are some of the works that is undertaken by the Media Lab.

High end IMac 24” desk tops and glass panel separating the studio with the post production and office room


The Media Lab is open for use by other institutions both in Delhi and outside Delhi. It serves as a media production Centre as well as provides consultancy for all types of  audio visual productions.  In the year 2019, the Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi collaborated with the Media Lab of Ramanujan College to produce 20 hours of online lessons in Commerce for the ARPIT platform.

Space and desk for office work with desktop computer and printer


During the pandemic induced lockdown, the Ramanujan College Media Lab was a central resource to the development of hundreds of academic lessons, lectures and interviews, talk shows and panel discussions that were used by the Teaching Learning Centre (TLC) of the College for its online workshops, FDPs and FIPs.