‘What’s your happiness!’


It’s time to be ostentatious about your skills and as well as for all the times when you’ve felt like you’re on cloud 9! Register here and submit your pieces to spread some happiness! And you know what they always say, “what you give, is what you receive.”

Please keep in mind, any form of plagiarism will lead to disqualification of the entry.

Multiple entries are allowed!

School of Happiness of Ramanujan College has organised an online competition “EUPHORIA – What’s your Happiness!”.
It is a competition that includes 3 categories; Writing, Photography and Artistic approaches towards happiness and elation.
The participants are required to portray/depict their meaning of happiness or something that they’ve experienced or has witnessed something beautiful, ultimately leading to Euphoria.
In the Google form you can submit your your entries (1 or more than one) from 21st October 2019 till 31st October 2019.
The winners will be getting Authentic Certificates and a platform to showcase their talent sheet.
School of Happiness,
Ramanujan College,
University of Delhi.
Link to registration –
Connect to us on Instagram @rc.soh

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