The Department of English is one of the oldest departments of the College. It has the same year of inception as Deshbandhu (Evening) College, 1958. It renders an intensive understanding of various aspects of life through literature and integrates the subject with the contemporary realities. The idea is to evolve an awareness of cultural constructs and ideologies which shape the writing and reading of texts, and also to develop a sensitive and nuanced understanding of critical issues affecting the individual and society. Since the College has been renamed Ramanujan College in 2010, and been functioning as a full-fledged morning college, the Department has extended the mentoring beyond the classroom and texts through various multidisciplinary projects and activities like talks, outreach programmes, paper writing, national seminars, film screenings and theatre. It encourages the quest for knowledge through research-based approach and self-learning in addition to building a student’s ability to analyse, assimilate and express in both oral and written modes.