The Economics Department of Ramanujan College takes pride in being among the best departments for the study of Economics at the undergraduate level. It comprises of young and dynamic faculty with diverse specializations and interests.

It was in July 2013 that the B. A. (Hons.) Economics programme was introduced in Ramanujan College under the guidance of Professors of the Delhi School of Economics.

The teaching methodology at Ramanujan combines standard methods of University education, i. e., lectures and tutorials – with written assignments, project work, field trips, and student presentations both in class and in seminars. The faculty endeavors to preserve the vibrant academic atmosphere in order to provide high quality education from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

All activities of the Department are aimed at encouraging students in various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, which encourage them to explore beyond the frontiers of the prescribed syllabus, evaluate economic issues and interact with experts from diverse areas of specialization. In this respect, the Economics Society of the Department, “Essenzia”, organizes a variety of events to promote student’s interest in the subject.

a)Department’s Vision
To be among the premier research and teaching departments.

b)Department’s Mission
· To produce highly qualified, well rounded and motivated students with a sound knowledge of the subject and its applicability in real world to serve the society and the nation.
· To undertake and encourage high quality research in various disciplines of Economics with a motive to give new shape and extension to existing theories in the field and make recommendations in policy issues.
· To associate with different industrial and government agencies for research projects.

c) Educational Objectives of the Department
· To impart knowledge in appropriate number of specialized areas in economics and to up skill the students with problem solving, technical and good communication skills to ensure employability in the industry, government and think tanks.
· To inculcate and instill in the students the fundamentals and principles of the various branches of Economics to build a strong base for pursuing higher education and jobs in research.
· To enhance the analytical and logical ability of the students, hence enabling them to pursue technical careers in the field of Economics.
· To develop critical thinking, encouraging them to apply economic reasoning to policy issues in a critical manner, assessing performance of the domestic and global economy.
· To develop an understanding of sources and content of economic data and developing proficiency in quantitative methods and computing techniques for processing and analyzing such data.
· To develop inferential ability by comparing different approaches to economic problems.
· To motivate students for self enhancement through continual expansion of knowledge and personality development.