Online Induction/ Orientation Programme: 11 Feb - 13 Mar 2021
Two-week Interdisciplinary Refresher Course/ FDP on Advanced Research Methodology: 30 Jan-14 Feb 2021
One-week Online Workshop on “Skill Enhancement & Capacity Building for Non-teaching & Teaching Staff": 22-28 Jan 2021
Two Week Online FDP on “Exploring the Inter - Linkages between Literature, History, Politics and Other Related Themes": 28 Jan-10 Feb 2021
6-Months Executive and Skill Development Program in Happiness: 1 Feb - 1 Aug 2021
Notification regarding recognition of Programmes conducted by TLC Ramanujan College under CAS
First Ramanujan Centenary Inter College T20 Cricket Cup (11-18 Jan 2021)
Two-week FDP on Blended Learning: Alternative Dimensions: 12-29 January 2021
Online Induction/ Orientation Programme: 11 Jan - 9 Feb 2021
One week FDP on “ICT- based Learning and Developing MOOCs for Teaching Process in Higher Education”: 29 Dec 2020- 4 Jan 2021
अंतर्विषयक संकाय संवर्द्धन कार्यक्रम: साहित्य, भाषा, समाज, राजनीति और दर्शन : अंतर्विषयक सन्दर्भ (26 Dec 2020 - 9 Jan 2021)
One-Week FDP on Qualitative Data Analysis: 21-28 Dec 2020
One-Week FDP on "E-Learning & Developing MOOCs for Teaching Process in Higher Education": 14-20 Dec 2020
Two weeks Refresher Course on Data Analysis with Statistical Methods: 21 Dec 2020 to 3 Jan 2021
Online Induction/ Orientation Programme: 10 Dec 2020 - 08 Jan 2021
One-Week FDP on Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis: 7-13 Dec 2020
Online two-week FDP on Research Methodology: A learning journey from bivariate techniques to multivariate techniques: 10-23 Dec 2020
One-week online FDP on Higher Education: Road Ahead Developing Next Generation Academic Leaders: 25 Nov-1 Dec 2020
One-week Online FDP "Transforming Lifestyle through Yoga Darshan & its Functional Modes (Inter Disciplinary & Bilingual): 20-26 Nov 2020
Notice regarding payment in Online Induction/ Orientation Programme: 10 Nov-09 Dec 2020
Introduction of New Course "B.Sc. (H) Environmental Science" from the Academic Session 2020-21
Online Induction/ Orientation Programme: 10 Nov-09 Dec 2020
Admissions 2020
One Week Online FDP on Advanced Pedagogical Techniques: 29 Oct-5 Nov 2020
Offerings: An Exhibition of Paintings by Dr. Madhu Batta (21 October 2020, 11 AM)
One Week Online FDP on Development and Implementation of MOOCS: 21-27 October 2020
7 Days Certificate Course/FDP on Direct Taxes and GST: 16 Oct-8 Nov 20 (Saturday and Sunday)
Gandhi Jayanti Program: 1st October 2020 at 3:00 PM
Webinars on Financial Market: Avenues for Alternate career from 28th to 30th September, 2020
One Week Online FDP on 'Introduction to Machine Learning in Research': 10-18 October 2020
Two Weeks' Online FDP on "Research Methodology": 1-15 October 2020
One Week FDP on 'Transforming Governance in India: Issues and Concerns': 21-27 Sep 2020
Announcement regarding closure of link for registration & payment of 7 Days Certificate Course/ FDP on IND AS
Announcement of U21 Global Citizenship Programme
7 Days Online Course 'Microsoft Excel: Zero to Hero' with Mathematical Sciences Foundation: 21 Sep - 7 Oct, 2020 for students, teachers & non-teaching staff
Notice for Participants of Faculty Induction/ Orientation Program (1-30 September 2020)
Short Term Course on Microsoft Teams
One-week Online FDP on ICT Enabled Teaching Learning: 7-13 September 2020
Two Week FDP 'Learning Advanced E-tools for MOOCs Development & Research': 1-14 September 2020
7 Days Certificate Course/ FDP 'IND AS': 4-23 September 2020 (Saturday and Sunday)
Two Weeks' Online FDP 'ICT based new paradigms of E-Teaching & E-learning: Digital Pedagogy': 15-30 Sep 2020
Online Induction Training/ Orientation Programme: 1-30 Sep 2020
Two Week Online FDP 'Enhancing Psychological Skills for Teaching & Practice’: 15-29 Sep 2020
द्वि साप्ताहिक ऑनलाइन संकाय कार्यक्रम: उच्च शिक्षा के विकास क्रम मे आई सी टी की (ICT) अवधारणा मैसिव ओपन ऑनलाइन कोर्सेज (MOOC) (14-28 अगस्त २०२०)
Extension of Registration Date for Two Week FDP on “The Contemporary Issues & Challenges faced by Modern Jammu & Kashmir: Socio- Cultural & Political Scenario”: 10-23 August 2020
Two Week FDP on "Innovations in Management Education & Research": 17-30 August 2020
Webinar on "One year of the repeal of Article 370: Implications and Outcomes": 5 August 2020
Two-Week FDP on "Quantitative Methods for Data Analysis": 12-25 August 2020
Two day International Webinar on “Revisiting Human Rights, Ethics & Environment During COVID-19”: 6-7 August 2020
Two Week FDP on "The Contemporary Issues & Challenges Faced by Modern Jammu & Kashmir: Socio-Cultural & Political Scenario": 10-23 August 2020
अंतर्विषयक संकाय संवर्धन कार्यक्रम: समकालीन सन्दर्भ मे साहित्य, राजनीति, मीडिया और बाजार:२७ जुलाई - १० अगस्त २०२०
10 days online course on Data Analytics using Microsoft Excel organized in collaboration with Mathematical Sciences Foundation, 4- 17 August 2020 for UG/PG students
Extension of Registration Date for Two Week FDP "Innovations in Management Education & Research"
Two-Week Faculty Development Programme on Managing Online Classes and Co-Creating Moocs 3.0: 25th July – 10th August 2020
One Week FDP on Time Series and Panel Data Analysis by TLC, Ramanujan College in association with Indian Accounting Association, NCR Chapter: 20-26 July 2020
Notice regarding Mock Tests
Notice for Visually Impaired and PwD Students for OBE
Notice regarding Assistance during Open Book Examinations
OBE-Related DU Notices
International Webinar on "Impact of Covid-19 on Global Politics and Role of Literature: 27 and 28 June 2020
Two-Week Faculty Development Programme on Advanced Concepts for Developing Moocs: 01-16 July 2020
Online Induction Training/ Orientation Programme: 26 June-24 July 2020
One-week FDP on Entrepreneurship, Incubation & Innovation organized by TLC and Antha Prerna Cell: 23-29 June 2020
30 Hours Online Certificate Course for undergraduate and postgraduate students from June 15-21, 2020
Announcement regarding closure of registration in 14 Days National Online FDP on Data Analysis for Research in Social Sciences (17-30 June, 2020)
Online Faculty Development Programme on "Open Source Tools for Research": 8-14 June, 2020.
साप्ताहिक संकाय कार्यक्रम संवर्द्धन: साहित्य, मीडिया, मनोविज्ञान और वाणिज्य के विविध आयाम (29 मई-3 जून 2020)
Webinar on "Transformational mindset - innovating minds for success" by Department of Vocation: 1st June, 2020 (11 AM-1 PM)
Online Induction Training/ Orientation Programme for Faculty in Universities/ Colleges/ Institutes of Higher Education: 4th June to 1st July 2020
Two Week Online Workshop 'From e-Learning to e-Training: A Comprehensive Guide for all your Administrative Work' for both Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff: 25th May-3rd June 2020
सात दिवसीय संकाय कार्यक्रम संवर्द्धन: "बदलता भारतीय परिदृश्य : साहित्य, संस्कृति, संचार और मनोविज्ञान" (22 मई -28 मई 2020)
Two Week FDP on "Managing Online Classes and Co-Creating MOOCs 2.0" by Teaching Learning Centre & Research Development and Services Cell(18 May - 1 June 2020)
Live Session on Mental Health on the topic "A lockdown on movements not emotions" by Girl Up Ramanujan on its Instagram Handle: 30th April, Thursday, 7PM onwards
Covid-19 Donation Drive by Thrust, Media Cell and Yuva Chapter, Ramanujan College
UGC Notification regarding downloading Aarogya Setu App
UGC Notification regarding Mental Health & Well-Being of Students during and after COVID-19 outbreak
Two Week FDP on "Managing Online Classes and Co-Creating MOOCs" (20th April-6th May 2020)
Message for Parents and Students (regarding Coronavirus Pandemic)
20-Hours Certificate Course on "Basics of Research" by Accounting and Finance Lab (17-23 March 2020)
One-week FDP on "ENTREPRENEURSHIP, INCUBATION AND INNOVATION" organized by Antha Prerna Cell and TLC: 17-21 March 2020
Internship and Job Fair: Aarambh 1.0 (March 2, 2020)
List of Shortlisted Candidates for Faculty Associate
One-week FDP on "Teaching Pedagogy & Research : Innovative Modules”:3-8 March 2020
Invitation for Annual Inter-college Punjabi Fest: Surkhaab organized by Department of Punjabi and Bhangra Regiment (17th February 2020)
Registration for Open House Workshop titled 'Masti Ki Pathshala' on Happiness organized by School of Happiness
Call for Registration & Participation TLC FDP on ADVANCED TOPICS IN MACROECONOMIC THEORY & POLICY: 6-14 March 2020
Two-Day Faculty Development Program in Philosophy on Learning Outcome Based Curriculum Framework (LOCF): 10-11 February 2020
National FDP on Advanced Statistical Analysis for Researchers (Sharpening Your Skills in Statistical Applications): 19-25 Mar 2020
Invitation for Mock Parliament on the issue of J&K (Reorganisation Bill) 2019 organized by Department of Political Science (20th January 2020)
One Week FDP on Co- Creating MOOCs (Hands on Training for Designing & Developing MOOCs) by Teaching Learning Centre: 10-16 February, 2020
Time Bank: A currency that unites people and brings joy of giving time
Time-Tables 2019-20 (Even Semester)
Course Structure in Even Semester 2019-20
One-Week FDP on "Teachers, Teaching, and Taught: Discovering New Meanings, Relationships and Purpose” by IQAC, Ramanujan College
Two-Week FDP on "Recent Advances in Research Methodology" (17-28 January 2020) by Ramanujan Centre for Applied Mathematics and Research
Annual College Magazine: Alok Tirtha 2020
Applications are invited for post of Electrician on Contractual Basis
Announcement regarding 5th Batch of Diploma in IFRS
Call for Research Proposals 2020 by Accounting and Finance Lab, Ramanujan College
Announcement regarding Certificate Course in Mass Media Skills
Information regarding online competition organized by School of Happiness
One-day Workshop on "Cyber Crime, Awareness and Security" by Department of Commerce and TLC, Ramanujan College (November 6, 2019)
DIWALI MELA – ONELLA'19: Celebrating the Light called Life (22nd October 2019)
International Conference on Applicable Mathematics (Theme: Network Science) by Department of Mathematics: 19-21 December 2019
FDP on "Counselling & Mentoring Skills for Teachers" (5-11 November 2019)
National Workshop on “Real Analysis: From Elementary to Advanced” by Department of Mathematics: 25th October 2019
One Week FDP on Business Research Methods (19-25 November 2019)
List of Shortlisted Candidates for Interview - TLC Project on "Higher Education and Employability Skills - A Study of Under Graduates in India"
Program Schedule for UGC-Sponsored National Seminar on "The Relevance of Philosophy for Student Today" (3-4 Oct 2019)
Two - Week FDP on "Information Technology in Library and Information Sciences": 9-20 Oct 2019 (Registration Date extended till 7th October 2019)
National FDP on Multivariate Data Analysis: 30 Sep-6 Oct, 2019 (Registrations Closed)
Launch of the information booklet on the Six months Happiness Course by School of Happiness
Selection of Office Bearers for School of Happiness
Placement Drives
UGC-Sponsored National Seminar on "The Relevance of Philosophy for Student Today" (3-4 Oct 2019) by Dept. of Philosophy
Library Orientation Week (2-10 September 2019)
Fitness Camp organized by Department of Physical Education (1-20 Aug 2019)
UGC-Sponsored National Seminar on "Globalization, Diversity & Equality: Challenges for Indian Society" (20-21 Sep 2019) by Dept. of Applied Psychology
Time-Tables 2019-20 (Odd Semester)
UGC- Sponsored National Conference on "Emerging Trends in Statistics and Data Sciences (ETSDS-2019)" (6-7 Sep 2019) by Dept. of Statistics
Supplementary Notification to an Announcement made by School of Happiness
College Prospectus 2019-20
Six-Month Course on "Happiness" by School of Happiness
Registrations are open for Gender Champions of Women Development Cell of Ramanujan College
Seating plan for the Examination April-May 2019
Applications Invited for various non-teaching posts on contractual basis
Report of one day National Faculty Development Programme on GST
Teaching Learning Week 15 Dec - 21 Dec 2017
Application Form for Assistant Professor in Colleges of University of Delhi
Advisory by University of Delhi office of the Proctor
List of Eligible & Not Eligible Candidates for All Non Teaching Posts
Teaching Learning Week, 15th - 21st Dec., 2017
Highlights of Teaching Learning Week
Upcoming Programmes of Department of English
"Call for Papers RIJBR Volume 3"
List of Selected Candidates for Mass Media Certificate Course
MHRD (PMMMNMTT) Sponsored Faculty Development Programme on "Skill based Teacher's Training in ICT, IPR and Research" by Teaching Learning Centre
MHRD (PMMMNMTT) Sponsored Workshop on "HUMAN RIGHTS AND ENVIRONMENT" by Teaching Learning Centre
MHRD (PMMMNMTT) Sponsored Induction Programme
Call for Papers RIJBR Vol 3 Last Date Extended
NCWEB Notice: Sports Day and Annual Day
List of Qualified Candidates for the post of Senior Technical Assistant in written Examination
Call for Papers RIJBR Vol 3 Last Date Extended to April 30, 2018
Internal Complaint Committee of Ramanujan College
UGC Quality Mandate for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
Admission Status of First Cutoff ( Course/Category wise)
Schedule of the Orientation Programme 2018
1st Provisional List of ECA Quota Admission 2018-19
Course Structure in Odd Semester 2018-19
Course-wise Allocation of Rooms in Odd Semester 2018-19
2nd Provisional List of Sports Quota Admission 2018-19
Course-wise Time-Tables for Academic Session 2018-19 (Odd Semester)
Tender for Canteen in College Campus
28th Annual Conference of National Academy of Psychology (NAOP-2018)
Click Here for II & III Year Fee
List of Guest Lecturer 2018-19 (Odd Semester)
Two Week Workshop On Research Methodology and Research Tools
Notice for Student Union Election 2018-19
Ramanujan College Discipline Team ( 04-09-2018 to 10 .09.2018)
Click Here For All 1st, 2nd & 3rd Year ID CARD
Registration Link For FDP On Teaching Methodologies in Philosophy
Photography Contest Poster
Student Seating Plan for Theory Examination Nov-Dec-2018
Two Week Interdisciplinary FDP on "Data Analysis using Software Packages" (December 12-24, 2018)
Sports Notice: Winter Fitness Camp
Applications are invited for appointment of Ad-hoc/Guest Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology
Tender Document: Construction of Porta Cabins for Gymnasium and Sports Room
Corrigendum No. 1 reg. Extension of Date for submission of Bid
Feedback December 2018