The college offers following fifteen courses from across the disciplines of Humanities, Social Sciences, Commerce, Management and Vocational Studies:

  1. B. Com. (H)
  2. B. Com. (P)
  3. Bachelor of Management Studies (B.M.S.)
  4. B. A. (H) Political Science
  5. B. A. (H) Hindi
  6. B. A. (H) English
  7. B. A. Program
  8. B. Sc. (H) Statistics
  9. B. Sc. (H) Mathematics
  10. B. Sc. (H) Computer Science
  11. B. A. (H) Applied Psychology
  12. B. A. (H) Philosophy
  13. B. A. (H) Economics
  14. B. Voc. Banking Operations
  15. B. Voc. Software Development